mercredi 21 février 2018

[Hobby Season 2017/2018] Black Legion to do list updates

Bonjour à tous,
Black Legion to do list updates, (petite mise à jour de ce qui reste à faire cette année, ce qui a été fait, et à reprendre)

HQ 1 : Abaddon the Despoiler w/ Chaos Terminators "Talons of Abaddon" (18). refound WIP
HQ 2 : Black Legion Conclave (7)

Characters / Personnages : Fabius Bile, Zaraphiston, Maloghurst "The Twisted", Kergath the Flame, Grael Noctua "The Warlocked", Amurael the Corrupted, Iskandar Khayon, Telemachon Lyras (WIP), Ashur-Kai Qezremah, "White Seer", Corpulax, Drecarth the Sightless, Eliphas the Inheritor, Voidheart, Dhar'leth, Xyn'Goran, Lheorvine Ukris.

TROOPS 1 : Black Legionaries Tactical squad w/Rhino (10)
TROOPS 2 : Dark Wolves Black Legionaries (5/10 ou 20)

Hounds Of Abaddon lead by URKRATHOS, Khorne Exalted Champion of the Black Legion.
TROOPS 3 : Tactical CSM "Hounds of Abaddon" (10) w/ Rhino.

The Bringers of Decay lead by SKYRAK SLAUGHTERBORN, Nurgle Exalted Champion of the Black Legion.
TROOPS 4 : Tactical CSM "The Bringers of Decay" (10) WIP w/Rhino.

The Children of Torment lead by DEVRAM KORDA, Slaanesh Exalted Champion of the Black Legion.
TROOPS 5 : Tactical CSM "Children of Torment" (10) w/ Rhino + Warp Amplificator.

The Sons of The Cyclops lead by YGETHMOR THE DECEIVER, Tzeentch Exalted Champion of the Black Legion.
TROOPS 6 : Tactical CSM "Sons of the Cyclops" w/ Rhino.

TROOPS 7 : Black Legion Militia (between 40 to 50) with different models like Berzerker Ogryns, cultists and renegade militia (in conversion)

DAEMONS TROOPS : 15 Daemonettes, 10 Khorne Hounds painting WIP

ELITE 1 : Veteran CSM squad / Possessed Black Legionaries painting WIP
ELITE 2 : Salaghast, Chaos Relic Contemptor Dreadnought. painting WIP
ELITE 3 : ------

FAST ATTACK : Night Lords Raptor squad, mercenaries of the Black Legion conversions WIP
FAST ATTACK : CSM "Hounds of Abaddon" Motorbikers (6)
FAST ATTACK : -------

HEAVY SUPPORT : 1 squad of Slaughterers of Khorne (3) basecoat finished, bases WIP affilied with my World Eaters army too.
HEAVY SUPPORT : A lot of Havok (between 10 or 20)
HEAVY SUPPORT : Black Legion Land Raider painting WIP

 LORD OF WAR : Kytan Daemon Engin, affilied with my World Eaters army too.

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